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I have neglected this blog.  Oops.

Life has gotten in the way.  Work, dating, the beach… did I say dating?  Yeah, that hasn’t gone so well.  Not worst-date-ever material (yet), but guys, here’s a pointer: don’t take a girl to Shakey’s and expect a second date.

Now that we have that out of the way.

Friday night, Becca and I made a field trip to LA for what we thought was going to be a quick 30 minute set by my girl crush, Meiko.  It turns out the set was part of a showcase for the Worldwide Radio Summit, and the two of us were amidst a plethora of record industry people.  You know, something I’m used to every Friday night.  No biggie.  It’s not like I won a contest on Facebook or anything.

As a certified Meiko stalker, I was singing along to all of the “new” songs she played.  She started out with a sweet number in which she repeated “I’m in love” numerous times.  I whispered to Becca that I’d like to relate to that song in a decade or so.  No rush.

Part of Meiko’s charm is her banter with the audience in between sets.  Though she was obviously in front a bunch of industry power players, she didn’t tone down the feistiness too much, and disclosed that she was dating a “hot British guy.” That led into a song entitled “I’m Not Sorry,” which was a non-apology for wanting a housewife’s life.  However, most housewives would blush at a song like “Between the Sheets” which is Meiko’s most lyrically intense song.  It details an affair with a man that she wants public (she tells him to ‘leave the lights on’) yet she knows it can never be.  The symbolism of the lights is intriguing, as Meiko’s lyrics are mostly surface level –- yet hilarious and subtle all the same.

Though it was a short set, she did not fail to disappoint.  The looks she gave the small audience of less than 40 people were naughty and sneaky, and perfectly Meiko.  However, Becca and I didn’t want to leave so soon, so we opted to take advantage of our scratchy red wristbands and saunter to the next stage, where another showcase was starting.

                Who would be playing, but Matt Nathanson.  The transition from Meiko to Matt was not a difficult one at all, as he kept referring to his stage as “the brothel.”

His first song was “Mercy”, which gave Duffy’s song of the same name a run for her money.  The way he kept singing “Less drowning, more land” with distortion became a little swoon-worthy.

He easily transitioned from upbeat pop (‘To the Beat of our Noisy Hearts’) and radio-worthy songs (‘Faster’ – which he noted was “Like S&M”… was he channeling Meiko?) to his most famous song, “Come on Get Higher.”  Oh, and a note about this one: I distinctly remember this song being played over and over in movie theaters before the feature started, and many times I was with my parents while the song played.  I will never think of the song in the same light now, since apparently it’s about “Getting naked in an awesome slap and tickle type way.”  Um, hi Mom and Dad?

Bec and I weren’t feeling like being smashed into another room, so we sat on a couch in the lobby while listening to British band Scars on 45. They were great music to listen to, and the guy-girl duets were fantastic.

All in all, the showcase was a pleasant surprise.

And my first experience in a brothel was swell.


This Thursday, check out a free outdoor show featuring Tyrone Wells and Meiko.
I’ve featured Meiko a few times before, and been a fan of Tyrone for years.  Tomorrow, they’re teaming up for “The Sound of Summer,” a weekly concert in downtown LA’s Pershing Square and sponsored by 100.3FM.

Meiko goes on at 8pm, and Tyrone’s set starts at 9.

Dowload MP3: Tyrone Wells – More

More info: The Sound of Summer

And this is where I lose any male readers I once had.  Please come back tomorrow.

I have two male roommates who dominate the living room television with Cartoon Network and any show that features explosions, blowing stuff up, or explosions (apparently, there’s a difference between the two).  Sometimes, a girl just needs a glass of wine or two or five, thirty gorgeous men, and a few girlfriends to yell at the tube with.

Last night was that kind of night.  During last night’s finale of “The Bachelorette”, poor Jillian Harris was stuck in Hawaii and down to two guys: Ed Swiderski, who admitted he was “married to [his] job” and briefly left the show when his wife cracked the whip; and Kiptyn Locke, who — well, I really don’t know much about him.  The guy is simply gorgeous.  And he smiles all the time.  And he is  He also seemed like the more well-rounded of the two — the “works hard, plays hard” guy, while the Edster was  raioj;fdalsfjdal;s… oh sorry, I fell asleep at the keyboard again.  Bad habit.

All signs pointed to Jillian picking Kiptyn.  Meaning, of course, that she would pick Ed, who apparently has no desire to leave the 1980’s and purchase any shorts that fall below the knee.  Throw in a few “most dramatic rose ceremony EVER” twists and…

During a beautiful Hawaiian sunset, Jillian rejects this:

for this:


Download MP3: Meiko – Hawaii

Never heard of Meiko, Emily Wells, or Laura Jansen?  Well you’ve probably heard their songs.  All three are the darlings of network TV lately.  Meiko has been featured on numerous Grey’s Anatomy episodes, while Jansen’s song “Soujah” was placed in MTV’s Newport Harbor (and don’t give me the “I don’t watch reality shows about rich teenyboppers.  You do.  Don’t lie.)
I saw these three two nights ago at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach. It was a great cap to the weekend.

Laura JansenLaura played first.  The girl is fun to watch, period.  A smile was plastered to her face the whole night.  I LOVE to watch talented artists who love what they do.  She played piano while occasionally incorporating a backup musician.
She only has one EP to her name, but a second album is probably coming soon, as she played many new tracks.  She performed her most popular track, “Souljah” (which you already know, since you’re a closet Newport Harbor watcher.)  She also charmed her audience with “Single Girls”, which is sings about the trials of recently becoming, well, single (“One more glass of wine before I turn off the lights/this time I’ll be fine“… no, I’m sure no girl can relate.)
She introduced her song “Elijah” by saying “You know, every singer/songwriter has to write a song about organized religion to fit the mold.”  This may be true, however not many people choose to write about an Old Testament minor prophet (or was he a major one?  I dropped out of bible college after 3 semesters.)
Laura Jansen – Souljah
Listen –
Visit – myspacefacebook
Buy album – Trauma

emily-wellsEmily Wells played next.  Her latest album, Symphonies, is primarily instrumental, which is probably why it’s my favorite album of hers.  That is honestly not an insult to her.  I’m just not a fan of her singing, yet think she is a very talented musician.  Emily is an inverted oreo – white on the outside and black on the inside.  She has an obsession with the Notorious B.I.G and even covered “Juicy.”  Hence the title of this post.
My two favorite songs of hers – Symphony 6 and Take it Easy San Francisco – were played beautifully.
During “juicy” and a few other songs, Emily did turn tables.  It just looked awkward.  While Laura Jansen seemed to play for every single person at Saint Rocke, Emily seemed to be playing for herself.  Again, my opinon, but this is my blog dang it, and  I can say whatever I want.  So there.
Emily Wells – Symphony 6 (Fair Thee Well & Requiem Mix)
Listen –
myspace– facebook
Buy album – The Symphonies: Dreams Memories & Parties

meikoMeiko played a more extended set, and played through most of her self-titled album.  “Boys with Girlfriends” and “Under my Bed” (arguably her two most popular songs) were the most well-received, though my friend Steph was disappointed that she didn’t get to hear “Piano Song.”
Meiko is a crack up.  She’s hot, talented, and funny.  Hell, I’d go out with her.  Wait, no I wouldn’t.
She prefaced most of her songs with an explanation of the song.  “Under My Bed” was about her ex she moved to LA with, but broke up with him soon after because “yeah, he sucked.”  Another song was about a boy “who wasn’t very nice.”  In short, Meiko writes songs about every girl’s love life.
Most of the songs were acoustic, with a few supported by drums or trumpet.  When it comes to lounge shows, I’m a fan of the raw, stripped-down sets and Meiko didn’t disappoint.

Meiko – Piano Song
Listen –
Visit – myspacefacebook
Buy Album – Meiko

But bottom line: Show was good.  Buy their albums.  You will like.

Fine, I admit it:

I had a lot of fun at the Rascal Flatts show. Of course, it had a lot to do with the company I kept (don’t let that get to your head, Mark), and the highly entertaining opening act. Would I ever spend half as much money on tickets to a country show as I plan to spend on U2? No. But the cowboys put on a good show, there were enough rednecks for me to laugh at, and I was able to be my obnoxious, yet lovable, self. Fun was had… despite the fact that my cardigan was covered in a sticky mixture of Coors, Miller, and some other fluid I prefer not to identify.

But onto better things. Last night was a wonderful girls night at Saint Rocke in Hermosa to see Laura Jansen and Emily Wells open for Meiko (review of the show to follow.)

I had never been to the venue, so was not sure what to expect. I couldn’t find many reviews or anyone who had been there before, so I expected the worst.  had a rather stressful week that involved the flu virus, finals, telling a boy “I’m just not that into you,” a few migraines, a family reunion, a country show, and driving too many miles under the influence of too many pain medications. Bottom line: I didn’t want to stand all night, didn’t want to be in a rowdy crowd where I was the oldest person in a room full of pre teens, and wanted a better selection of alcohol than beer, beer, lager, and beer.

Saint Rocke, I love you.

For those who live in the immediate area, this lounge is perfect for happy hour. The food is reasonably priced (kobe beef burgers and most appetizers come in generous portions and are 10 bucks or less), the lighting is dim but not too dark, and the crowd is… get ready for this… this may be a shocker… NOT ANNOYING. Take this from someone who has been to many an all-ages show at the Glasshouse: Saint Rocke is 21+ and the people who were there tonight were there for the same reason: chill and talk with friends at a reasonable decibel level, listen to some good music, and mentally prepare for the insane week ahead.

My two friends and I settled in a comfy booth and stayed there the whole night. The server checked on us countless times, but never did we get the feeling we were pushed out. There were a handful of people who stood for all three acts, but they probably didn’t need to. Saint Rocke is deceptively large, and though some tables were out of view of the stage, the majority had a pretty clear view. And there were flat screen TV’s all around. Though they didn’t do much because the camera was not zoomed in at all, it was a nice touch and hopefully that can be fixed soon.

I’m sure that the above could more or less be said for any night at Saint Rocke. But here is why I plan to head to this venue again on a Sunday night. Sundays are dubbed “Rhythm on the Rockes” and feature singer/songwriters. Everyone in attendance is expected to refrain from talking during sets, and flash photography. The guy who announced Laura Jansen asked that all phones be on vibrate or silent and I DID NOT HEAR A CELL PHONE GO OFF ALL NIGHT (yes, the caps and bolding are necessary.)

Girls, we all know that the bathroom experience is the ultimate test: how many looks and gropes on the way, how long is the line, and what mysterious puddle or fungus is going to greet you in the stall?
The restrooms were incredibly clean.  All hail Saint Rocke.

Saint Rocke, I love you. I already decided I shall celebrate my birthday at this establishment, as Tuesday nights are dubbed “The Piano Bar.” Bonus points if 1)no beer is spilled on me, and 2)I’m allowed to dance on the baby grand.

More Info:

Saint Rocke

142 Pacific Coast Highway – Hermosa Beach – CA – 90254


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