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Welcome to Flashback Friday — a look back on the week in music.  I’ve posted some noteworthy news on the Facebook page (what?  You haven’t become a fan yet?  Do that. Now.), but here are the gems:

  • The White Stripes have, indeed, broken up.  The writing has been on the wall for a while, what with Jack White’s multiple endeavors and some subtle hints in the Under Great White Northern Lights documentary.  But still.  Bummer.
  • The Avett Brothers hinted at an album in mid-2011.  If this is true, I will be very, very happy.  Speaking of happy…
  • Fleet Foxes promises their long-awaited new album will be released on Tuesday May 3rd.  The title track is now available for download on their website.  Southern California dates:
  • May 6 -Spreckels Theatre – San Diego
  • May 7 – Hollywood Palladium – Hollywood

The Album Leaf

Unless you are a diehard fan of Michael Jackson or the Beatles, last Tuesday’s album releases won’t do much for you.  That is a very, very good thing, because 2010 promises for some excellent music.  Get your wallet ready.

The Album LeafChorus of Storytellers (Subpop)
(February 2)

Brilliant instrumentalist Jimmy LaValle is back next month with a new album, this time with a full band.  I’m not sure if it will feature lyrics or go back to the original roots of purely instrumental (hoping for the latter) but either way, this is a must-buy for fans.

local shows: 2/13 @ The El Rey
download: Falling From The Sun

Holly Miranda – The Magician’s Private Library
(February 23)
This is Holly Miranda’s first release since being signed to XL Recordings.  Hopefully being part of a bigger label (and touring with the likes of Vampire Weekend and Tegan & Sara) will get her the attention she’s deserved for a while.
download: Forest Green

The Bundles
(March 9)
Juno is not only my favorite movie, but boasts some great music — mostly due to Kimya Dawson.  She and her former band, Moldy Peaches, are responsible for most of the songs on the album.

Dawson is releasing her next album with the help of her new band, The Bundles.  I don’t know what exactly to expect (besides the usual anti-folk vibe), and I’m glad about that.

She & Him – Volume 2
(March 22)

I’m an idiot.  I missed out on tickets to She & Him’s LA shows this year.  I am willing to part with a non-vital organ if you have an extra ticket.
She & Him is, of course, Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward.  Their folky, 50’s throwback vibe is simple, yet shows off their incredible talent.  I caught M. Ward’s other side project, Monsters of Folk a few months ago.  The guy is a musical genius.  Deschanel’s voice is hypnotic.
local shows: 3/25 @ the El Rey (sold out)

Dr. Dog – Shame, Shame
Look for the group to take a slightly different turn on this album, focusing a bit more on punk influences.
The Old Days

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings (I Learned the Hard Way)
(May 4)
Regardless of your taste, I highly recommend that you get this album when it comes out.  I’m admittedly not much of a funk/soul fan, but make an exception for any Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings song I can get my hands on.  The only genre they should be labeled as is “fun.”

The Strokes(RCA)
For right now, this album is more speculation than anything else, but as reports claim that a new album is finally going to be released in 2010.  As much as I love their solo projects, I am happy to hear that the group is getting back together, and hopefully will tour as well.

Fleet Foxes (Sub Pop)
Front man Robin Pecknold has said that the new album will be a bit more melancholy than past efforts.  Not sure what to make of that, besides more of a folk sound.

It’s easier to make a pop or dance song as Song of The Week.  The adjectives are more descriptive, and when in doubt, just TYPE IN CAPS AND TALK ABOUT HOW LOUD AND FUN THE BEATS ARE.  Plus, the minute I describe Fleet Foxes as “folk,” half of you will close your browsers.  Yup, I now have only one person reading.  Thank you for sticking with me, Mom.

Yes, Fleet Foxes are more mellow than, say, Asteroids Galaxy Tour.  But lead singer Robin Pecknold has been absent from the scene since White Winter Hymnal was released in 2008, so this live track (from BBC Radio 6) was quite a surprise.  No harmonies (which is usually a FF staple), but this unique song is still wonderfully crafted.  I can’t stop listening to “Blue Spotted Tail” and I hope you feel the same way.

Download Fleet Foxes – Blue Spotted Tail


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