What’s this blog about?
Um, I’m not sure yet.
But here’s a clue.

If I send you my music, will you promote it?
I will immediately preview it, but I only highlight things that I reallyreallyhonestly like.
Please contact me and send me your (high quality) digital music, or ask for my physical address to send me hard copy albums..

How do I download the music on your blog?
When there is a link that says “Download” (such as “Download “Magnificent” by U2″… though trust me, that song is not available on this blog), right click and select “Save target as…” (or something similar to that effect.)  Choose where you want to save it, and then have at it.
All music will be available for download for about 2 weeks.  It will be available for streaming (that is, to listen to on the blog. via the little gray music player thingy) for a longer period of time.

I’m an artist or record label, and I want you to take my music off my blog.
Send me an email directly, and I will immediately take it off.  Please specify if you only want the downloading option removed, or if you also want the streaming audio taken down.

How do I subscribe to your blog via RSS or email?
Find all the info about subscribing via RSS or email (as well as following on Facebook) here.