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And this is where I lose any male readers I once had.  Please come back tomorrow.

I have two male roommates who dominate the living room television with Cartoon Network and any show that features explosions, blowing stuff up, or explosions (apparently, there’s a difference between the two).  Sometimes, a girl just needs a glass of wine or two or five, thirty gorgeous men, and a few girlfriends to yell at the tube with.

Last night was that kind of night.  During last night’s finale of “The Bachelorette”, poor Jillian Harris was stuck in Hawaii and down to two guys: Ed Swiderski, who admitted he was “married to [his] job” and briefly left the show when his wife cracked the whip; and Kiptyn Locke, who — well, I really don’t know much about him.  The guy is simply gorgeous.  And he smiles all the time.  And he is  He also seemed like the more well-rounded of the two — the “works hard, plays hard” guy, while the Edster was  raioj;fdalsfjdal;s… oh sorry, I fell asleep at the keyboard again.  Bad habit.

All signs pointed to Jillian picking Kiptyn.  Meaning, of course, that she would pick Ed, who apparently has no desire to leave the 1980’s and purchase any shorts that fall below the knee.  Throw in a few “most dramatic rose ceremony EVER” twists and…

During a beautiful Hawaiian sunset, Jillian rejects this:

for this:


Download MP3: Meiko – Hawaii


Let me add to the youtube and blog frenzy by talking about last night’s Miss USA pageant. I had better things to watch, but my facebook friends were nice enough to fill me in. Apparently the big wigs at NBC thought blogger Perez Hilton would be a perfect judge. What makes him a good judge? Is it his blogging skills? If so, I am awaiting your call for the 2010 pagent, Billy  Bush!

So what happened? During the q&a phase, Perez Hilton asked Miss California (Carrie Prejean) if every state should allow gay marriage, since Vermont just became the fourth state to permit it.

Now, considering Miss Teen USA’s performance a few years ago, I thought California’s answer was equivalent to a Harvard valedictorian’s speech on graduation day.  She started out diplomatically (though I didn’t understand what “opposite marriage” meant),  though eventually admitted she was raised to believe that gay marriage is wrong.

Carrie Prejean then won the prize of being first runner up in the pageant.
So what does Perez Hilton do right after the show?  Why, call Prejean a dumb biznitch, that’s what! (see second video, below) What the heck?  Am I wrong to say that Perez Hilton is what’s wrong with society?  He asks a question, she gives an answer and reason with n o disparaging comments whatsoever, and Hilton rips her a new one because she disagrees with him.

Watch the two videos and tell me what you think.

Have you seen the commercial for the newest ABC show, “In The Motherhood?”  It’s pretty funny, especially when one of the characters announced:

“We have been out of diapers for 2 days…we’ve been using paper towels and tape!”

But then, the announcer says that the show is inspired by true stories. WTF?

Seriously.  That one sentence makes me want to re-think the whole kids thing.  If kids make you that much of an idiot to forgo a trip to Target for some Huggies, then hello life-time supply of Ortho Try Cyclen.


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