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make a wish

Happy Birrrrthdaaaay...

Okay so it’s no longer my birthday month.  Whatever. I can still play whatever I like.

Better than Birthday Cake, Part 2. Click here to download the mp3’s of all the songs listed. Or click here for part 1.

The Features – The Drawing Board
Album – Some Kind Of Salvation (out July 28)

Band of Skulls – I Know What I Am
Album: Baby Darling Doll Face Honey
The song is loud, upbeat, and makes you want to get up and run and jump around, as do many of the other tracks on the album.  But the mere title of the album is enough of a reason to buy it.  Call me crazy.  Go on, I dare you.  But I’m serious.  And right.

An Horse (pictured)- Camp Out
Album: Rearrange Beds
For Fans of: Tegan and Sara

Camera Obscura – Swans
Album – My Maudlin Career
For Fans Of: She And Him

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – 40 Day Dream
Album: Here Comes
An LA band you should pay close attention to.  I have not heard one song I have not LOVED.

Nat King Cole
(pictured) (produced by Cut Chemist) – Day In – Day Out
Album – Re:Generations
Oh, love.  Love, love, love is in the air.  I grew up on Nat King Cole, and was so excited for the release of this album.  Each song is remixed by an awesome producer, be it Cut Chemist, Cee Lo, or another famous DJ.  Natalie Cole, of course, also appears on a track.

Miike Snow – Animal
Album – Miike Snow
For Fans Of: Passion Pit, La Roux

Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes (Dam-Funk Remix)
Album – Single (available July 7)

This is where I turn in my indie card, shamefully, and admit that I am not a fan of Animal Collective.  I *do* like Summertime Clothes, and My Girls.  But as a whole, I don’t like the band.  They take a bunch of sounds and make one big mess.  SORRY! Feel free to not read this blog ever again.
BUT! This mix is great.  Perfect for summer, or any time.  This is a perfect example of the perfect remix: it doesn’t re-invent the song; it simply brings out the very best of the song and makes it that much better.  It highlights it.  Dam-SEXY remix is what it should be called.

Jason Lytle
(pictured) – Yours Truly, The Commuter
Album – Yours Truly, The Commuter
For Fans Of: Bill Callahan, John Vanderslice

J. Tillman – Earthly Bodies
Album: Year In The Kingdom (releases September 22)
J. Tillman is better known as the lead singer of Fleet Foxes.  If this song is any indication, Year In The Kingdom is going to be a hit.

make a wish

make a wish

This month’s playlist is going to veer off the path of April’s mix, and playlists to come.  The heavy concentration of upbeat, quirky, dance-worthy(or in my, white, case – head-bobbing worthy) music is perfect for a beach party, road trip, or anything else that encompasses “summer.”
Plus, June is my birthday month. So I can mix whatever I like.

Some faves on the mix include new stuff from Danger Mouse, a mix of Santigold, a few LA-based bands who are getting plenty of buzz as of late, and track from the lead singer of Fleet Foxes‘ solo project.

The good stuff: Click here to download the mp3’s of all the songs listed.  Part 2 will be up tomorrow.

School of Seven Bells – Half Asleep
Album –Alpinisms
Upcoming shows – You just missed ’em.  Oops.

Zero 7

Zero 7 – Everything Up (Zizou)
Album: Yeah Ghost (out September 8 )
Holy crap.  Zero 7.  I thought these guys were done… hadn’t heard any new stuff in a few years.  And then this song pops up, and I’m impressed.   Check out their album When It Falls to get caught up on this band before Yeah Ghost is released.

Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse – Little Girl [Feat. Julian Casablancas]
Album: Dark Night of the Soul
Danger Mouse (half of Gnarles Barkley, for those unfamiliar) teams up w/ Sparklehorse for a great soundtrack to his exhibit at Michael Kohn Gallery in LA.Why no link to the album?  Because it most likely will not be released.  The whole project is all kinds of awesome, and the album, with a little sleuthing, can be yours if you really want it.

Santigold – Unfreakable Girl [Feat. Gucci Mane]
Album – SouthernGold Mixtape
Terry Urban’s mix of southern rap with Santigold samples.  Add in some (possibly false) controversy and you got yourself an album!  Do a search online to download the rest.

Illinois – Hang On
Album: The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe
Upcoming Shows – July 17 – Spaceland (Silverlake)
Love the concept album.  It’s arranged in “chapters” which chronicle “Kid Catastrophe’s” life.  I’m very interested to see what kind of live show they put on.

Dirty Projectors + David Byrne – Knotty Pine
Album – Dark Was The Night (Red Hot Compilation)
DWTN (a compilation benefiting AIDS research) features many great songs, but this one is a gem.  The Dirty Projectors came out with their album Bitte Orca last week.

The Mae Shi – Lamb And The Lion
Album – HLLYH

Wikipedia calls them “experimental punk” and I can’t think of a better label, besides “I’m sorry I confused them with another band for the longest time and refused to listen to them but then I realized I was wrong and now I realize I really really like them.”  The end.

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work
Album – Kitsune: Something Good Can Work (single)
Ireland and Apple.  You can’t go wrong w/ a band from that country who freely counts their computer as a band member.

White Rabbits – Navy Wives
Album – Fort Nightly
Upcoming Shows – June 18 @ the Troubadour (West Hollywood)
Someone get this song out of my head.  It’s not a bad song – the album has been out since ’07 and it’s still one of my faves- but I’ve had the entire song in the cranium since April and it’s taking up precious, limited, space.  Help.

Avi Buffalo

Avi Buffalo

Avi Buffalo – What’s It InFor?
Upcoming Shows – Lots.
Listen to this song.  Then try to remember that the two band members are still in high school.  Does.Not.Compute.

I might take the art of making playlists a bit too seriously.  It might be obvious, since I just referred to it as an art.  And considering the fact that I relate too much with the main character of High Fidelity (please excuse me as I reorganize my music colleciton… okay, I’m back), I can spend hours picking out the perfect songs for the perfect mix, then hours rearranging them in the perfect order.

So, help me out.  At least give me a themeApril was a test case, and it was fun.  But there was no rhyme or reason. Just 20 songs that were getting worn out on my ipod.  What should the theme of May’s playlist be?

Leave a comment, and I’ll choose the best one.

A few weeks ago, my friend Steph and I were excited to head out to Detroit Bar and see Hockey open for the Friendly Fires. Sadly, the first email I get the morning of the show was from the ticketing company I purchased through, saying the show was cancelled due to the Friendly Fires’ “scheduling conflicts.”
Blah to that.
Enough of my ranting. This song of the week come’s from Portland-based Hockey. I had already planned to feature the band, and this was a perfect week, considering the Ducks beat the Sharks last night in the first round of the NHL playoffs (and every review I’ve read of this band references the sport in some corny way. Go me for being unique.)

After hearing their single “Work” a few months ago, I became an instant fan of the band.  Their single, “3AM Spanish”  is a perfect example of their indie rock, new-wave sound.  If you like this song, be sure to check out their song “Too Fake” as well.

Their Capitol album debut, Mind Chaos is being re-mixed, re-mastered, and re-released (with some new songs added) on August 25.

Given the last three songs featured for Song of the Week, you probably think I’m only into the new-wave dance type music.  That’s actually pretty far from the truth, but perhaps I’m in a new phase right now.  Lucky you.

Download Hockey – “3AM Spanish”


Here’s what you all (well, hopefully one or two of you) have been waiting for: the first Sarcasm And The City Playlist!

I am by no means a cool indie kid, but if you are stuck in the pop/rock rut (and if you listen to mainstream radio, then you are), hopefully these songs will help you put down your new Fray CD for a few hours.If you want to download the MP3’s of these songs for FREE, simply sign up for the mailing list, and I’ll send you a link to download each song.  Yay.

Are you a fan of indie bands?  Then this post isn’t for you, and you will probably give me lots of comments about how these songs are soooo December 2008.

Click here for the complete playlist


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