My uncle gave me A Fine Frenzy’s CD “One Cell In The Sea” the day before Christmas Eve 2007.  It also happened to be the day before my grandmother would pass away, but we did not know that at the time.

A few hours after she died, I drove to my apartment to be alone for awhile.   My uncle had said that despite the name, A Fine Frenzy was actually a singer/songwriter named Alison Sudol.  I just knew I needed something to drown out the loud nothingness that was taking over my brain.

The drive from my parent’s house to my apartment was the longest 45 minutes ever – I remember every stretch of nothing as I cut through LA County into Orange.  Sudol’s voice was both strangely muted and present as she sung of love and loss.  The vocals were soothing and and strangely beautiful, and the music – with piano performed by Sudol – was well suited for her voice.

Her new song, “Blow Away” is the first single off her album Bomb In A Birdcage which will be released in September.  Fans of Feist and Regina Spektor will be pleased.  If the song is any indication, Birdcage will be much more pop-influenced than the piano-driven One Cell In The Sea.
What do you think?

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