…And, we’re back!

After taking a few weeks off (because, lets be honest: music and writing are my two passions but, unfortunately, do not pay, unless you would like my paypal email address…) due to life in general and blog brainstorming, Sarcasm And The City is back with a vengeance.  First order of business… we’re on Twitter.


  • Because you are.  Half of those on the newsletter are on Twitter.
  • Because “Hey, check out Edward Sharpe And The Magnificent Zeros.  They’re rad.” is not much of a blog post.  But it works as a tweet (twit?).
  • Because I need another social networking site to use during work hours.  Holy procrastination, batman.

So follow Tweetingsarcasm on Twitter now.  Expect:

And if you’re not on, create an account.  And add the Twitterfox app if you use Firefox.  I use it and think it’s rad.