Allow me to take an informal poll.
Please raise your hand if you have had a stressful couple of weeks.
I see your hand.  And yours.  And yours.  Ah, you have both hands raised!

Wow.  I’m beginning to feel like a televangelist during an alter call.

This week’s “Friday Five” features five songs that have lately been putting me in a good mood.  Whether it’s the beat, lyrics, or both. 


  1. The Wombats – Let’s Dance To Joy Division – I love listening to this song while driving on the (God-forsaken) 55 freeway and dancing in my seat while other drivers call 9-1-1 because there’s a crazy  drugged out driver in a blue  Toyota.
  2. Joshua Radin – Brand New Day – this song frequently gets put on repeat on my computer and ipod.  call it my theme song, mantra, whatever.  You can even call it cheesy.  Joshua Radin: call me.
  3. Spoon – Well-Alright – “Everything’s well-alright.”  ‘Nuff said.  Buy the song and support AIDS… Research.
  4. Holly Conlan – OK – New artist to check out.  Super catchy and it’s nice to remember that sometime’s life is just average. 
  5. Tom Jones – Give a Little Love – Shutupitsgood.

Yes, I have Tom “What’s new, pussy cat?” Jones on the list.  Don’t hate, appreciate.  Or start your own blog.

I will be listening to these five songs over and over since I am stuck at work, with a migraine, under flourescent lights all day.  Fun times.  But tomorrow is Iron and Wine at the Troubadour with my friend Steph.  Holler.  I have only been looking forward to this show since… oh… February.

What do you think of these songs?  What songs put you in a good mood?  Leave a comment.