Listen to “Charlie Chaplin”
A few months ago, I went on the Worst Date Ever.  Oh I wish this was a dating blog.  It’s an… interesting story.  But there’s a light at the end of every tunnel, and that date’s light was Katie Herzig.

A few nights before we went out, Mr. WDE mentioned that we should go to Katie’s show at Hotel Cafe.  I’d never heard of her, but why not?  If I didn’t like him, I could lose myself in the crowd and run like hell from him music.
So I checked her music out online.  I expected mediocrity but found Holy Acoustic Wonderment, Batman.  Quirky.  Different.  Subtle.  Mama Likes.

Not Even Close
I have a playlist called “Migraine” that I listen to when I take a vicodin, and head to a happy place.  A lot of female singer-songwriters with predictable, monotonous, mellow songs are on rotation.  This isn’t to knock them… they have their place.  However, Katie doesn’t follow the traditional mold of the female singer-songwriter.  She colors outside the lines and creates a masterpiece all her own.  No song is the same, and I greatly appreciate that.  However, she has the discernment and maturity to both stick to what she knows and get out of her comfort zone enough without seeming awkward or uncomfortable.  Katie accomplishes this like few solo artists can.

Listen to “Until You Try”

Where have you heard Katie?  Most recently, a Frito-Lay commercial, where her song “Two Hearts Are Better Than One” is featured.  She also just finished the Ten out of Tenn tour.  Don’t ask me if I went to their stop at the Troubadour.  I’m still kicking myself.
Last year, she sang on the Hotel Cafe Tour with artists such as Laura Jansen and Meiko.
Her latest album, Apple Tree, just released in April and is getting strong reviews. 

Listen to “Hologram”

So how was her show at Hotel Cafe?  Don’t ask me.  The jerkhole complained that the website to buy tickets looked “shady” and we’d just wait in line.  Okay.  So of course, they sold out before we got to the front.
Nicely done, sport.

But we’ll always have Katie.

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