Never heard of Meiko, Emily Wells, or Laura Jansen?  Well you’ve probably heard their songs.  All three are the darlings of network TV lately.  Meiko has been featured on numerous Grey’s Anatomy episodes, while Jansen’s song “Soujah” was placed in MTV’s Newport Harbor (and don’t give me the “I don’t watch reality shows about rich teenyboppers.  You do.  Don’t lie.)
I saw these three two nights ago at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach. It was a great cap to the weekend.

Laura JansenLaura played first.  The girl is fun to watch, period.  A smile was plastered to her face the whole night.  I LOVE to watch talented artists who love what they do.  She played piano while occasionally incorporating a backup musician.
She only has one EP to her name, but a second album is probably coming soon, as she played many new tracks.  She performed her most popular track, “Souljah” (which you already know, since you’re a closet Newport Harbor watcher.)  She also charmed her audience with “Single Girls”, which is sings about the trials of recently becoming, well, single (“One more glass of wine before I turn off the lights/this time I’ll be fine“… no, I’m sure no girl can relate.)
She introduced her song “Elijah” by saying “You know, every singer/songwriter has to write a song about organized religion to fit the mold.”  This may be true, however not many people choose to write about an Old Testament minor prophet (or was he a major one?  I dropped out of bible college after 3 semesters.)
Laura Jansen – Souljah
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emily-wellsEmily Wells played next.  Her latest album, Symphonies, is primarily instrumental, which is probably why it’s my favorite album of hers.  That is honestly not an insult to her.  I’m just not a fan of her singing, yet think she is a very talented musician.  Emily is an inverted oreo – white on the outside and black on the inside.  She has an obsession with the Notorious B.I.G and even covered “Juicy.”  Hence the title of this post.
My two favorite songs of hers – Symphony 6 and Take it Easy San Francisco – were played beautifully.
During “juicy” and a few other songs, Emily did turn tables.  It just looked awkward.  While Laura Jansen seemed to play for every single person at Saint Rocke, Emily seemed to be playing for herself.  Again, my opinon, but this is my blog dang it, and  I can say whatever I want.  So there.
Emily Wells – Symphony 6 (Fair Thee Well & Requiem Mix)
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meikoMeiko played a more extended set, and played through most of her self-titled album.  “Boys with Girlfriends” and “Under my Bed” (arguably her two most popular songs) were the most well-received, though my friend Steph was disappointed that she didn’t get to hear “Piano Song.”
Meiko is a crack up.  She’s hot, talented, and funny.  Hell, I’d go out with her.  Wait, no I wouldn’t.
She prefaced most of her songs with an explanation of the song.  “Under My Bed” was about her ex she moved to LA with, but broke up with him soon after because “yeah, he sucked.”  Another song was about a boy “who wasn’t very nice.”  In short, Meiko writes songs about every girl’s love life.
Most of the songs were acoustic, with a few supported by drums or trumpet.  When it comes to lounge shows, I’m a fan of the raw, stripped-down sets and Meiko didn’t disappoint.

Meiko – Piano Song
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But bottom line: Show was good.  Buy their albums.  You will like.