Fine, I admit it:

I had a lot of fun at the Rascal Flatts show. Of course, it had a lot to do with the company I kept (don’t let that get to your head, Mark), and the highly entertaining opening act. Would I ever spend half as much money on tickets to a country show as I plan to spend on U2? No. But the cowboys put on a good show, there were enough rednecks for me to laugh at, and I was able to be my obnoxious, yet lovable, self. Fun was had… despite the fact that my cardigan was covered in a sticky mixture of Coors, Miller, and some other fluid I prefer not to identify.

But onto better things. Last night was a wonderful girls night at Saint Rocke in Hermosa to see Laura Jansen and Emily Wells open for Meiko (review of the show to follow.)

I had never been to the venue, so was not sure what to expect. I couldn’t find many reviews or anyone who had been there before, so I expected the worst.  had a rather stressful week that involved the flu virus, finals, telling a boy “I’m just not that into you,” a few migraines, a family reunion, a country show, and driving too many miles under the influence of too many pain medications. Bottom line: I didn’t want to stand all night, didn’t want to be in a rowdy crowd where I was the oldest person in a room full of pre teens, and wanted a better selection of alcohol than beer, beer, lager, and beer.

Saint Rocke, I love you.

For those who live in the immediate area, this lounge is perfect for happy hour. The food is reasonably priced (kobe beef burgers and most appetizers come in generous portions and are 10 bucks or less), the lighting is dim but not too dark, and the crowd is… get ready for this… this may be a shocker… NOT ANNOYING. Take this from someone who has been to many an all-ages show at the Glasshouse: Saint Rocke is 21+ and the people who were there tonight were there for the same reason: chill and talk with friends at a reasonable decibel level, listen to some good music, and mentally prepare for the insane week ahead.

My two friends and I settled in a comfy booth and stayed there the whole night. The server checked on us countless times, but never did we get the feeling we were pushed out. There were a handful of people who stood for all three acts, but they probably didn’t need to. Saint Rocke is deceptively large, and though some tables were out of view of the stage, the majority had a pretty clear view. And there were flat screen TV’s all around. Though they didn’t do much because the camera was not zoomed in at all, it was a nice touch and hopefully that can be fixed soon.

I’m sure that the above could more or less be said for any night at Saint Rocke. But here is why I plan to head to this venue again on a Sunday night. Sundays are dubbed “Rhythm on the Rockes” and feature singer/songwriters. Everyone in attendance is expected to refrain from talking during sets, and flash photography. The guy who announced Laura Jansen asked that all phones be on vibrate or silent and I DID NOT HEAR A CELL PHONE GO OFF ALL NIGHT (yes, the caps and bolding are necessary.)

Girls, we all know that the bathroom experience is the ultimate test: how many looks and gropes on the way, how long is the line, and what mysterious puddle or fungus is going to greet you in the stall?
The restrooms were incredibly clean.  All hail Saint Rocke.

Saint Rocke, I love you. I already decided I shall celebrate my birthday at this establishment, as Tuesday nights are dubbed “The Piano Bar.” Bonus points if 1)no beer is spilled on me, and 2)I’m allowed to dance on the baby grand.

More Info:

Saint Rocke

142 Pacific Coast Highway – Hermosa Beach – CA – 90254