I hate southern accents.
I think any beer made in Milwaukee should solely be used to water plants.
I don’t understand why people would ever have pride in being labeled a redneck, and think those from the “back woods” should stay there, far far away from me.

Hi. My name is Veronica and I have been to two country shows in less than one month. Help me. Please.

I didn’t intend for this to happen. I lived a wonderful 25 years surrounded by people who genuinely cared about the contents of my music library. My first song I was exposed to was “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel – not bad, Mom and Dad. I knew nothing of country music, besides the late, great, Man in Black.

So last night I was at my second country show: Rascal Flatts, opened by Jessica “Tuna or Chicken?” Simpson at Irvine Meadows Safari Field Verizon Amphitheatre.  Did you know she was a country singer? Well she’s not, but she’s trying.

In my defense, the ticket was free, and the friend I was going with is a blast to hang out with. Sure he has poor taste in music, but he makes me laugh.

We made it to the venue in time to be tortured by 2 songs by the former Mrs. Lachet.  And no, I don’t remember what either of those songs were. But I do remember the most important part of the entire night:

Jessica Simpson yodeled.

And she was very, very serious about her performance. If I actually paid for my ticket (love you, Mark), that 10 second event would have made the price of admission worth it. God bless you, Jessica. And if anyone has video of this occurrence, please email me.

Now, on to Rascal. If you aren’t familiar with the band, they are well known for the song “Life Is A Highway” from the movie Cars.  My favorite (don’t hate me for having a “favorite” country song, you jerk) is the catchy tune, “Bob That Head.”  Check out the video below (and admit that the bajo guy with the pink Jeep is HOTTTTTTT).

Rascal’s entertaining and are great performers. Towards the middle of their set, guitarist Jay DeMarcus was the only person on stage and gave a hilarious monologue. I like country artists who can make fun of the fact that they’re country artists. I never got why so many bands and fans take themselves so seriously. How can you be so serious when you sing about fried chicken, beer, and the fact that you grew up in a double wide?

Bottom line: I don’t think I could ever call myself a “fan” of country, but Rascal and the fans kept me thoroughly entertained. Verizon is a big venue, and yet I still felt like I was “part” of the show. That’s no easy task.

Now back to regularly scheduled music.  After the video, that is.